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[Video] How To Prepare For A Marathon

It's getting cold outside and the marathon season is not coming until another couple of months. However, if you enjoy running it is very unlikely that you will stop doing so during winter time. On the contrary, you will probably see it as a challenge and go running even more :) Winter time for me...
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Chosing the Right Running Shoes as a Plantar Fasciitis Sufferer

I announced earlier that I recently developed plantar fasciitis. While it means that I have to rest a lot and take care of my foot, I'm already searching for a new pair of well cushioned running shoes. I'm an overpronator and that has been more or less my only criteria to chosing running shoes in...
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Best Running Supplements

For some reason, individuals seldom link marathon runners or runners in general with using nutritional supplements. But supplements such as protein powder, vitamins and amino acids can have a great impact on how you feel as well as your performance! What the following video for a great overview of...
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